Fist Bust Fishing Journal

Fist Bust Fishing Journal

Published April 1st, 2023

150x fist bust fishing record by reboot seemed like an untouchable record for many, so I thought why not? Why not work towards breaking that record even though my current record is 26 (with around method). When looking at reboots world record video, I noticed that he flung his hand outward and he did not actually go around the mod. I thought this way would be much better for high continuous because of the reduced motion, so this is the method I would learn and practice.


Day 1 of grinding on February 6th, 2023

I go to my favorite hidden area before school to start practicing. Just about an hour in of practicing and I’ve just broken my record with 32! During lunch I practiced some more and after school, all I did was practice. By the end of the night, I hit 45. My hand was red and swollen from the constant hitting of the mod.


February 7th

and I’m at the same place in the morning practicing. Here is a picture of my hand that day. By the end of the day, I hit 55

I did not edit the photo in any way.


February 8th

and my hand looked better, but my shoulder felt like it was on fire and my wrist was shooting excruciating pain. Somehow I managed to hit 76 that night.


February 9th

and my shoulder and wrist pain was so bad I could barely lift my arm above my head or open doors. I was wearing my old cast to keep my wrist in place throughout the day and still managed to practice with it on, but my ability was diminished to a pr of 10 with the cast on.


February 10th

and I still wore my cast.


For the weekend,

I decided to work on my world tournament combos which I had been procrastinating making. They also used much less arm motion so my shoulder would have time to heal.


February 13th

Monday and I’m at the same place before school practicing. That morning I hit a pr of 81. I practiced during lunch and at home, but did not break 81.


February 14th

and I hit 83 in the morning. I was trying to find any possible free time to practice. I decided to practice a whole PE period while walking the track.


February 15th

even though I was practicing so much, my shoulder was not hurting as much. Also the visible bruising was decreasing. During lunch however, I saw some of the first blood. It wasn’t much, but seeing that little bit of blood filled me with motivation to keep going. Not long after, I hit 110! breaking the 100 barrier mark. Later that night I had a revelation. If I wanted to beat 150, I would have to go way beyond. While practicing late at night, I put a mentality of reaching 1000 in my head, and surprisingly, my consistency sky rocketed.


February 16th,

I usually practice to music, but sometimes silence is nice. Right after a workout, I decided to practice a little, without music. 8 minutes in and I hit a new pr of 145. 5 away from the current world record.


February 17th

something weird happened. While practicing in the flow state for an extended period of time, I noticed my hand look and feel more alien. It’s the weirdest sensation and hard to describe, but when I looked at my hand, it barely looked like my hand at all. I saw my hands in front of me, but my human hands just seemed so unfamiliar. It was like looking at an alien species from a distance. They also appeared somewhat farther from my body and enlarged. I don’t know how else to describe it. I’ve experienced this feeling before on long practice sessions, but this is the first time it got in the way of my practice. My pr for the day was only 139.


For the weekend,

I worked on my world tournament combos. The alien hand feeling is actually much worse when doing tech. I’ll probably talk about this feeling more in another blog post.



was like a weekend for me because no school so I worked on my world tournament combos.


February 21st

I was so tired and had a headache most of the day, but managed to get 138 in the morning. School is actually so annoying, I’m just gonna say this here. Literally 7 hours of forced nothing feels so unproductive when I have so much pen spinning to do. Luckily I managed to break the fist bust fishing recorded world record at 8:30pm with a score of 182. I want to tell people, but then again… not really, so I just said “I just broke something” in the pen spinning Reddit discord server in shitpost-central. I should show people eventually, so why not be funny and release something on April 1st. That sounds good.


February 22nd

and my wrist was hurting so much that it was hurting when I wasn’t doing anything. I ended up wearing my cast whenever I wasn’t practicing. My wrist just feels like an excuse not to practice, even though all I want to do is practice. Disappointed with myself, I only got a max of 89 today.


February 23rd

and my wrist still hurt, but I tried practicing less floppy and more rigid, which is not very good for fist bust fishing, but at least my wrist burned less. I was only able to get a max of 145.


Friday and the weekend

I mostly did recording stuff and a takon with zg.


February 27th

and I practiced in the morning for a couple hours. This time was fun because I was outside in a thunderstorm and my hands were numb from the cold. The rain on the mod made it slippery and harder to get momentum so it was also a good learning experience. I needed to use a slightly different technique to combat the slipperiness and momentum loss. I was only able to get a max of 127.


This is not a very good clip and some of the fist bust fishings are pretty questionable, but I’m just including it because it was the only video I recorded up to this point. You can hear the rain in the background.


February 28th

I was only able to practice for about an hour throughout the day. I got a max of 142 and got 130 ish on video.


March 1st

and I think I can successfully say I can get 50 consistently. Meaning I can comfortably record a 100 over toilet clip. My max was 140 in the morning. I wish I was homeschooled again, there’s such little time I have to put in focused practice. I’ve been getting up earlier to practice because the mornings are the best times. I get back from school at around 5 usually really tired, which hinders my focus. As I’ve been reaching higher numbers, I’ve realized it’s mostly down to focus. On my last session of the day, I hit 218, a new world record… If I was recording.


March 2nd

I didn’t get to do my normal morning practice. The soonest I practiced was 4:20 pm when I got home from school. I decided to start practicing while recording so I actually have a clip to post on April 1st. 10 minutes in my session and I recorded 278. My execution in some parts and some camera angles were pretty bad, and It’s only 278. If I want to achieve greatness, the execution in doing so must be great. At least now I have a backup clip to upload if something unexpected prevents me from reaching higher.


For the weekend and Friday

I worked on other things.


March 6th

fist bust fishing felt pretty comfortable at first, but after about 20 minutes, it felt kind of uncomfortable and annoying to do. I don’t know, maybe after doing it so much I’ve just gotten tired. However, another hour of practice later I broke the world record again (not on cam) with a score of 315. I could probably break 150 over a toilet now.


March 7th

I was only able to practice for 20 minutes and sadly only got a score of 110. I’ll do better tomorrow.


March 8th

and I’m still not practicing as much as I was. The first 4 or so days I was practicing fist bust fishing for 3+ hours a day, but now it’s less than an hour on average. Today I tried practicing with a sharpened pencil, rushon, and a tipless i.suk emboss. My record with those were only 1, 4 and 16 in the respected order. They are not very high, but I didn’t really put too much dedication into practicing with them. I also wonder how they affect improvement. My record for the day with my normal mod was only 183.


March 9th

and my mod broke near the beginning of my first practice session. I was using an energel as the connecting barrel, so it was bound to break eventually. I was at school in the garden so I couldn’t really fix it. I ended up finding a stick and practiced with that instead. To be honest, I forgot what my pr was for the day because I am currently writing this 4 days later (I usually write these the same day). I know I got more than 110 and less than 120 (with my mod). I remember getting 20+ with the stick, but I can’t remember the exact number. It might have been 21 or 59 but definitely not more than 60



I did not practice fist bust fishing.



I did not practice fist bust fishing.



I thought I should take a week long break of fist bust fishing. I have 3 more weeks and maybe a week off will help.



through Sunday I did not fist bust fish.


March 20th,

Monday I practiced fist bust fishing for the first time in a week. It felt so awkward at first, then about 20 minutes in, it started feeling more comfortable. By the end of my morning session, it felt annoying again. I only got 115 in the morning. Rust is real. My shoulder and wrist started hurting immediately, much more than a week ago. Also the tendon above my index finger metacarpal really started hurting and my veins covering the metacarpal were much bigger than any other veins on my hands. I wonder how this is affecting my long term hand health. The skin has definitely gotten thicker on the points of contact. During lunch, I practiced and my mod landed on bird poop. here’s the photo. I washed it off with dirt and grass. I only got a max of 160, but I can feel the consistency coming back. After school, I tried recording for the world record, but only got 183 on cam.


Picture of mod covered in bird poop.


March 21st

and it was pouring rain. I got to school later and did not bring my mod because I thought I would not have time to practice at school. When I got home there was an immediate power outage that lasted for a few hours. I still practiced, but I practiced outside because it was the only place with decent light. I also tried recording the world record again and managed to get 256 on cam. Still not as good as my other run.


March 22nd

I decided to spend the extra 5 minutes after the first bell and before the second at school practicing in the morning and at lunch. I need all the time I can get. I’ve also decided to run to places because it is more time efficient. Today I also learned that I should schedule my daily uploads because I spent the first half of lunch trying to find service at various cafes. My phone is three years old and I have not updated it for a year because I have barely any storage, and my internet service has been getting worse. I just hope that I will have enough storage when I record my world record. When I got home, I spent ~4 hours learning wordpress and making my website.


March 23rd

I practiced in the morning and at lunch. Time went by so quick at both times. I only got either 120 or 140 and got 100-120 about 5 times. At home, I decided to work on consistency and execution. Fist bust fishing is actually getting more and more annoying to do. It was fun the first few weeks, but now it’s just so oddly unsatisfying and I don’t really know why. I tried mixing things up to get around this annoying feeling and practiced on a rushon.


March 24th

I did not fist bust fish


March 25th

I had a dream that April 1st was tomorrow and it was already late at night. This was a depressing dream because I knew I would have to send the 270 run with terrible execution for the first 50. I need to at least double the current word record or else I am a failure. I decided to just grind my execution to perfection, because I realized that I started bouncing the mod more as the month progressed. This is probably to decrease wrist pain by removing the flailing type fishing motion, but if I want to do this right, I need to practice it right. After practicing with this in mind, it actually started feeling more comfortable again.


March 26th

I was super tired from only ~4 hours of sleep, but I practiced my execution that day. I was contemplating if I should practice the around type fist bust fishing more and upload two videos or just continue to try and fix my other methods execution.


March 27th

I practiced in the morning and at lunch. I can tell why my execution has been getting worse the more I’ve practiced. Because the better execution, the less bouncy, the more my shoulder and wrist hurt. I’ll just work on improving my execution every day before and during school and record after school. While practicing during lunch, I was getting bored with just fist bust fishing. I really wanted to practice something else, but I knew this was my last chance.


March 28th

I practiced and practiced but it felt like I was getting worse and I don’t know why or how to fix it. This is such a bad time to happen right before April 1st. I tried practicing other fishing links to change things up. Also I just realized that I still haven’t changed the tape from being covered in bird poop. Still not changing it.


March 29th

I tried recording right when I got home. I was doing this outside when it was cold and raining (to not be distracted by family members). The rain made it so much harder because of the wetness making the mod stick to my hand. My recording max was only 91.


March 30th

I recorded again, but was unable to get past 100. I felt like I was getting worse at the out type of fist bust fishing. When I tried practicing the around type, it oddly felt much better and somewhat easier. Doing it this way, I got 63, twice. Once was mostly off cam and other other was mostly on cam. I’ll try to record the around type tomorrow. I’m oddly able to get higher cont with it for now. Tomorrow is the last day.


Picture of my hand right before bed. 


March 31st

today is the last day. I practiced out fist fishing > around fist fishing in the morning, and I was actually having fun again. Practicing the same thing for almost 2 months is really not enjoyable and probably has diminishing returns. During lunch I practiced out fist fishing > around fist fishing. Today is also the last day until spring break and at school I had 3 substitutes and the other 3 were free periods. An extra pointless day of school, but I have a perfect attendance and all A’s so I wasn’t gonna break that. At least I got to practice for a whole PE period on the field. After school, I got home and practiced, but by then, I knew I would have to upload the bad execution video. I felt both massive relief and disappointment in my ability to perform. This last 20 minutes of practice, I couldn’t help but smile. Practice can be rewarding in the same way working out is. It’s the consistency that counts. Doing it every day even when you don’t want to, putting in the hours when no one else will, doing the same thing over and over and over and over again. Like many people, there’s a part of me that loves doing it because it’s hard and that feeling of pushing boundaries, but then there’s a part of me that just loves it because it makes me realize that I’ve chosen to spend part of

If you’ve made it this far, thank you. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. A large reason why I am doing is to give myself a sort of obligation to stay consistent and show myself more on the internet.


The video I ended up posting: Recorded on March 2nd. I really would have liked to do better, but I told myself I’d upload all this today, so here it is.